About us

Patricia CarrollDirector Patricia Carroll can confidently endorse the fact that, Triton’s accomplishment in the insurance business has fundamentally – in part – been due to the level of continuous service provided to all its customers. After starting as a modest business, Triton is now a dependable and proven organisation complimented with an infrastructure enabling it to provide, and manage, the insurance requirements of most businesses and households throughout the U.K.

It is not ‘breaking news’ to be informed that new business is vital to any company, but retaining that business is just as crucial, therefore a competitive approach and dedication to service must be continuously maintained. Authentic testimonials have kindly been provided by several of Triton’s clients in order to attest to this, and you can view them and, even contact them by clicking ‘here’.

We are all aware that looking for insurance can sometimes be confusing, frustrating and even daunting; also critical information or pertinent details that may affect the premium – and just as importantly the correct cover – can inadvertently be omitted. At Triton you can be assured that all the relevant facts appertaining to your business activities etc are secured, documented and processed in order to obtain the correct cover. We will also provide you with quality independent advice, and ensure that you get bona fide value for money with your insurance arrangements. In addition, you can be confident of having complete piece of mind should it come to a claim, and by having the right cover your insurer will have the ability and desire to settle your claim quickly and efficiently.

If you have come this far on ‘About Us’ it is hoped that it has been pleasant and briefly informative, and that you will continue with your search through our website; Thank you.